Monthly Archives: August 2013

August 31

Introducing Transman (a.k.a. Michael Dillon)…

Transman was born Laura Dillon. From an early age, she always knew that she wasn’t like other girls. She wasn’t interested in the same games, or the same conversation, or the same clothes as them. As a student, studying archaeology, Laura began to wonder what life would have been like had she been born a […]

August 31

We need another hero

Both DC and Marvel Comics have introduced high profile gay and lesbian characters to their galaxy of superheroes. Marvel outted Northstar in 1992 (although it took until 2002 for them to address this plot line in full) and DC outted Batwoman in 2006. Both of the major comic book producers have also introduced sundry other […]

August 13

Why I fear the 2014 Winter Olympics will go ahead as planned

Whilst I applaud the calls for the global community to take a stand over Russia’s vicious new law against LGBT men and women, I am struggling to see how the possible moves that have been suggested might work in practice. Option one is for the IOC to move the Games elsewhere. But the Olympics are […]

August 04

Equality – not quite

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act passed into law on 17 July this year. Although it’s a step closer to equality, it isn’t an amendment to the Marriage Act 1949, which governs different-sex marriages, and consequently it is different. Peter Tatchell has been campaigning for equal marriage rights for many years. His goal is that […]