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September 29

Mystery voice 1

Who is this speaking about equal marriage? To enter the competition and win a copy of A Very Civil Wedding, complete the following tweet with your answer and publish it by 6 October 2013: @LiberationBooks I want to win a copy of A Very Civil Wedding #AVCW1 by V T Davy. Mystery voice 1 is […]

September 28

Anyone for pasta?

Apparently, not just anyone can enjoy a plate of any pasta. Pasta apartheid became a reality this week with an announcement by the CEO of Barilla: “I wouldn’t do an ad with a homosexual family not because I disrespect gays – they have their right to do whatever they want without disturbing others – but […]

September 28


This section features reviews of V. T. Davy’s work.

September 28


This section contains interviews with V. T. Davy about books, writing, work, and being an LGBT author.

September 27

To Russia with love: part 3

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September 21

To Russia with love: part 2

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September 13

To Russia with love: part 1

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September 09

Introducing Dr. Binary…

Dr. Binary is an evangelical preacher. Not allied to any particular religious sect, Dr. Binary has invented his own mission, the Church of the Righteous Zealot. The name of Dr. Binary’s church is an attempt to turn the negative comments made by his detractors into a positive message to his followers – ‘be zealous in […]

September 05

How quickly things change

Last week, I was congratulating DC Comics on their introduction of Batwoman as a leading lesbian character in her own series. It seems I may have to eat my words! PinkNews have posted this article today stating that J H Williams and W Haden Blackman, two of Batwoman’s writers, are leaving DC Comics due to […]

September 05

Introducing Ali Gillies…

Ali Gillies is Transman’s right hand woman. The daughter of famous scientist Professor Gillies, she has inherited her father’s enquiring mind and his inventiveness. A tech-wizard, Ali has refined and developed a number of high-end, high-spec computing and communication devices (including Transman’s visor, which relays a stream of data direct to him) that she uses to […]