How quickly things change


Last week, I was congratulating DC Comics on their introduction of Batwoman as a leading lesbian character in her own series. It seems I may have to eat my words!

PinkNews have posted this article today stating that J H Williams and W Haden Blackman, two of Batwoman’s writers, are leaving DC Comics due to long-planned storylines being changed. Storylines that include Batwoman’s marriage to girlfriend, Maggie Sawyer.

The report suggests that this may be an anti-gay move by DC, but I’m cautious about jumping to that conclusion. This may be a case of artistic differences between the writers and the comic. DC may feel that the storyline they have planned for Batwoman is better than that outlined by the writers. We won’t know until it is published.

At the end of the day, DC are running a business and they would be foolish to back-track on their liberal stance regarding Batwoman as they will only alienate their readership. Equally, if LGBT readers want to continue to enjoy this title, it has to be commercial. DC aren’t a charity and cannot run titles as loss leaders. Although I am always sorry to hear that fellow writers’ artistic decisions have been over-ruled by their paymasters, I remain optimistic that DC know what they’re doing and that an even better storyline is waiting for Batwoman that might pull in some new readers to keep the title out there.