Transgender Awareness Week #TransWk: Monday’s hero

IanHarvie-beforeIanHarvieIan Harvie is an American stand-up comedian who often references being a trans man in his performances. His Wikipedia entry is here.

If you like good and different stand-up from a unique perspective then I highly recommend checking out some of Ian’s YouTube videos. There’s a great one here.

Ian’s my first hero of the week because I love anyone that can make me laugh, especially in off-the-wall ways, and stand-up is such a brutal medium in which to do that. There’s no safety net or partner to back you up when the laugh dies. Ian is particularly brave because he references his transition in his act. Not only does he reference it, he makes something incredibly personal really funny. In doing so, he breaks down barriers. He’s simply a great advocate.

To find out more about Ian, visit his homepage here.