Transgender Awareness Week #TransWk: Wednesday’s hero

a98038_Buck_Angel_fa98038_Buck_AngelBuck Angel is an adult film producer and performer, an advocate, educator, lecturer and writer. His Wikipedia entry is here.

Buck Angel would not be everybody’s idea of a hero. He makes his living producing adult films, often starring himself. This means he gets naked and, in doing so, answers the question everyone wants to ask, but nobody dares to, of what a transguy looks like “underneath”.

Whatever your feelings about the rights and wrongs of porn, it’s a brave thing for Buck to do and it has a serious point. Buck uses his unique insight and perspective from working in the sex industry in his work as an advocate for tolerance for all those who live outside of the gender binary. He is an eloquent speaker and, when you learn that his biggest fan base is gay men, you realise that there is more to gender and sexuality than any of us know or understand! For more details about Buck’s speaking and advocacy work, click here.