Transgender Awareness Week #TransWk: Friday’s info

The infographic today highlights the problems faced by young transgender people in schools and colleges. Teenage is tough enough without feeling that the ways in which your body is changing are not the ways in which it should be changing. Teenage is a time for rebelling but it is also a time when you seek to fit in most with your peer group. As the data below shows, trans youths are more likely to be harassed, called names, bullied, runaways, and suicides – the reason: they aren’t like other kids, they stick out, they’re different. To discover that these young people are not then protected and supported by the adults around them is shocking.

To be fair to hard-pressed teachers, there is no reason why a teacher, any more than anyone else, should know or understand transgender issues innately. If it is not something they have experienced, they may have difficulty relating to it. This is why activities such as Transgender Awareness Week are important because they bring trans issues to the attention of a wider public. As is abundantly clear from the statistics below, a program to educate the educators is desperately needed, which is why the work of the trans advocates, who spend their time going from city to city talking about trans issues, is so essential.